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Views on the selection of #Lightgaugesteelhouseframemachine

  • 2020/9/24 20:00:36
Recently, when I saw an article entitled 《How to Choose #Lightgaugesteelhouseframemachine》, I felt that some of the opinions and statements in the article were inaccurate, which would mislead readers and spread errors. As a practitioner of #coldformedLightgaugesteelhouseframeequipment, I put forward some different opinions here. Provide an idea for framework purchasers of #Lightsteelframemachine (especially recruits who have just entered the #prefabricated house industry), so that they can think more from a different perspective, use funds on the edge, and success in #LSFMachine investment.
A set of good quality #lightsteelprocessingequipment should have the following characteristics:
1. The #LSFequipment should be able to recognize the design software data and seamlessly connect: automatically read the data output by the design software.
-- Agree, this is the basic function that the device should have and is necessary.
2. The #LGSequipment processing rod components comply with the industry standard reference JGJ 227-2011, GB50018, JGJ/T 421-2018, and the function meets the connection nodes of #lightsteelbuilding.
-- necessary.
3. The #LGSequipment has high processing accuracy, and a specific PLC needs to be customized according to the functions of the #lightgaugesteelequipment, with accurate calculation and fast response speed. The post-punching equipment can avoid the secondary error of the hole displacement caused by the stretching and extrusion of the raw material during the #rollforming process.
--"Equipment processing accuracy is high", described by data is: the position accuracy of dimple holes, web perforations, swaging and other functional holes is +/-0.5mm, and the length error of #steeframe is +/-1.0mm. This is a common standard in the #lightsteelframeindustry.
Regarding the equipment control system, the control technology using PLC+ motion controller has fallen behind. The top equipment in the industry adopts a new generation of #PC-based fieldbus control system, which is excellent in terms of stability, accuracy, response speed, and easy maintenance.New Zealand's FRAMECAD equipment has all been upgraded to this high-performance control system.
The so-called "secondary error of hole displacement caused by the stretching and extrusion of raw materials during the pressing process" is actually a "false problem". "punching first, forming later" method is to manufacture complicated workpiece with hole required for specific positions, it is a common roll forming process in the #rollformingindustry. It has been used in the production of #metalrack,shelf and column, door guide channel and other products for many years. The use of. Good roll pattern design and forming pass arrangement, plus the pre-compensation of the hole position deviation after forming during the punching die design, can completely solve the "hole displacement error" to reach +/-0.5mm position Precision requirements. One sentence explanation: If the secondary error of the hole displacement after forming cannot be solved, the post-punching plan is adopted, which is a compromise plan adopted due to the unreasonable roll forming process and pass arrangement.
On a global scale, "front punching and then forming" is the mainstream choice of almost all well-known #LGSequipment manufacturers. FRAMECAD, HOWICK, PINNACLE, etc. are all members of the "front punching and forming team". Only the SCOTTSDALE family of players, it chose the post-cutting plan for a special reason. (SCOTTSDALE is a very story-telling company. Its product positioning, business type, and capital operation are all different.)
4. High yield rate and low waste rate: The length detection mechanism of the post punching and cutting equipment is closed to the punching and cutting die, so the waste at the start of coil head can be controlled at 0.02m-0.05m, and the waste at the ending of coil does not exceed 1m.
5. For the front-punching and post-cutting design, the length detection device is far away from the cutting die, so the waste at the start of coil is longer than 2 meters, and the length of the waste at the coil end is longer than the length of the main machine, generally more than 5m.
--Point 4.5 is the same thing, that is, compared with "post punching" equipment, "front punching and post cutting" coil head and tail length is longer. This is a fact, but another situation is ignored. Experts with on-site assembly experience of #lightsteelhouse will produce a few extra pieces of long rods in addition for temporary support and connection. The coil beginning and end are produced by the "front punch and post shear" equipment are used for this purpose. No waste.
6. The equipment processing efficiency should be high, and the comprehensive processing speed is generally not less than 4 tons/day (8 hours) ≈160m²/day. The wall frame processing speed is not less than 600m/h. The comprehensive processing capacity of high-speed cold-formed #Lightgaugesteelhouseframemachine is 6-10 tons/day (8 hours),
According to the different components produced, the typical processing speed is: 300M (complex floor beam)-700M (simple wall)/hour. As a customer, you should understand the real speed of the equipment, and don’t listen to the equipment manufacturer’s sales. You can prepare a design example (VERTEX format),contains a wall, a floor, and a roof truss, which represent the common components in actual production, and the cost is not much. Insist on testing the machine on site, click the stopwatch, and then assemble the production rods by yourself. Immediately have an intuitive understanding of the speed and accuracy of the equipment, which is clear at a glance. As far as I know, the highest machine output record is a Hunan Province #keelproduction plant with 2 machines, often working overtime, with a monthly output of 600 tons.
7. The equipment needs to be equipped with a coding device: automatic coding can be used instead of manual handwritten numbers.
-- this is a must
8. Avoid scratches on the material surface as much as possible during the equipment processing. High-speed equipment should be equipped with rollers and raw material cooling and lubrication systems. Spray or roll cooling protection liquid on the surface of the raw materials before forming to reduce scratches during the forming process.Side taper roller lining bearing is better as a driven roller. Stable production.
If the roll forming is good, scratches on the surface of the material should not appear. As for the rolling lubrication and cooling protection fluid, it can be avoided. There is oil on the surface of the material, and the code printed on the inkjet printer will be wiped off.
9. Continuous punching web holes without squeezing materials, low failure rate: in the #lgsmachine online production of the front punching and post cutting equipment, the raw materials are firstly cut off the web and lip-cut hole, the strength is greatly reduced, and the large rolling force in the forming process will be very easy to cause extrusion, especially in the case of continuous cutting web and lip-cut hole. This phenomenon can be completely avoided by punch web and lip-cut hole after the post-punching equipment is compressed.
Emphasizing the extrusion problem of "continuous web hole" in the front punch and back shear equipment is misleading to customers, however, the skill of roll forming is very important. The design of the roll forming is reasonable and the number of forming passes is sufficient. Using the "uphill" roll forming process, the material is always in a stretched state during forming. How can the material be extruded? At the same time, design software, such as VERTEX, has also been optimized for these situations. Where to squeeze material? For masters, there is no such thing as "squeezing".
10. Adding stiffeners to the web will increase keel about 28% strength. There are also web with stiffeners selling on the market, but the stiffeners are cut off when punching the water and electricity pipe holes, and the stiffeners lose their strengthening effect,which will lead to stress concentration.
The “web stiffeners” help to improve the vertical keel load-bearing capacity, and do not increase the strength of transverse shear and vertical tensile strength, but it says the vertical load-bearing capacity increases by 28%. I haven’t seem rigorous calculation analysis and experimental reports, which need to be demonstrated by experts. In the industry of #LGSequipment, the design of web reinforcement was developed by SCOTTSDALE.Therefore, in the past 20 years, only SCS has used web reinforcement design. ( It’s SCOTTSDALE again. It’s interesting. Another product difference is that its design has no web through-hole connection)
Other mainstream manufacturers such as HOWICK, FRAMECAD, PINNACLE, KNUDSON, etc. did not follow, thinking that the web reinforcement design is meaningless to enhance the overall load-bearing capacity of #lightsteelframestructure.
11. The #verticalkeel is supported to the #bottomkeel, and the weight of the house is directly carried by the vertical keel, making the house safer. The two ends of the ordinary connecting vertical keel are not supported to the bottom keel. The weight of the house depends on the friction force of the nail socket, the tensile force of the connecting screw and the shear force.
Attention this point, let's focus on it. The cold-formed thin-walled #lightsteelframebuildingsystem (#lightgaugesteelframebuildingsystem), compared with the traditional beam-column structure, is characterized by the vertical loading(such as static and dynamic loads in the house) and the horizontal shearing(such as crosswind and earthquake) and other force, connect through frame, decomposed to each member and each skin, so that each unit participates in the bearing of the force. An inaccurate analogy: Under the premise of the same amount of steel, the #LGSstructure is 2 tall guys(horizontal and vertical keels), 3 dwarves (bracing), and 1 girl (skin). They can carry heavy objects together: 1000 KGS; The traditional beam-column structure only has 2 tall ones (vertical keel, horizontal keel) to carry heavy objects, and the other 4 people can't do much, so naturally they can only carry 700KGS.
In the stress system of the frame structure, if the vertical keel is directly supported to the bottom of the horizontal keel web, the load of the building is directly transmitted to the vertical keel through the horizontal keel, which becomes the force situation of the beam-column structure, which is equal to the C89 size The vertical keel is used as a "pillar", a row of thin pillars. This is not a cold-formed thin-walled #lightsteelframestructure.
The dimple hole screw connection is a great invention in the #lightsteelframestructure. It is through the close friction between the concave and convex surfaces of the dimple hole that the various forces of the house can be decomposed into different rod directions, so that The overall force could be shared to all elements in the #steelframe. This is why in the design of FRAMECAD, there are always gaps in the connection of horizontal and vertical keels.
The vertical keel cannot be pushed to the bottom of the web of the horizontal keel, which is common sense in #lightsteelframestructures.
12. Long-term production and operation in high-temperature areas, 70-80% of the time in the online production of #cold-formed thin-walled #lightsteel processing equipment is punching and shearing. The hydraulic oil temperature of the hydraulic system is easy to overheat due to the long-term high-pressure and high-frequency work. Therefore, it must be equipped with a refrigeration system or a water cooling system. Some equipment is equipped with an air cooling system. If the ambient temperature is higher than 40 degrees, it will not meet the cooling requirements of the hydraulic system.
Stable production and processing, and low failure rate, can guarantee users to complete processing orders on time and in quantity.
It is agreed that the hydraulic system is the source of punching power for #LGSequipment, and special attention should be paid when purchasing equipment. To ensure long-term stability during work and normal oil temperature, technical attention should be paid to several points:
1) The oil tank of the hydraulic station should be large enough.
2) The hydraulic valves, cylinders, accumulators and other components used in the hydraulic system should preferably be international famous brands, such as German Rexroth and American Parker.
3) Under the premise of meeting the requirements of punching work, the lower the pressure of the hydraulic system, the better. This is easy to understand, "hypertension dies fast."
4) High-end equipment will generally use international famous brand plunger pumps, while the rest will only use gear pumps. This is very important. There is a three-time difference in price, and performance is completely different from durability.
Regarding to cost, like any industry, the "water" in the #machinery industry is very deep. A roller shaft is exactly same in appearance. No difference can be seen. Is there any heat treatment? Is the #heat treatment done enough? The cost difference is huge, and only after a long period of use can we know who is good and who is bad. Another example is the #magneticproximitypositionsensor, the ordinary domestically produced 30 yuan/bar, and the German "SICK" 200 yuan/bar. The performance is naturally different. Brothers in the #machinery industry also need to make a reasonable profit and support their families. The price of the equipment is expensive for specific reason, cheap price because cheap cost. When purchasing equipment, don't just look at the price and ignore the comprehensive consideration of product quality and after-sales service. For #lightsteelhousing project investment, the overall project investment (equipment, plant, raw material inventory, personnel wages, etc.) can range from 2 million to ten millions. #LGSequipment is a key node of the project. When a problem occurs, the entire line will stop. The risk of project failure multiplied. In order to save tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of equipment costs, it is not a cost-effective business to bear millions of possible losses.
The above is only the author's opinion, and it is inevitable that there are omissions, and it is intended to attract others. Welcome everyone to take part in the discussion, identify the truth, clarify the facts, and contribute to the #lightsteelhousingconstruction industry.

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