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Prefabricated Light Gauge Steel House Framing Machine


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Light Gauge Steel Frame Making Machine

Prefabricated Light Gauge Steel House Framing Machine

Steel frame house making machine. Prefabricated House customized made by roll forming machine for C89, c99 or other profiles.

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    FrameMac Light Gauge
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Product Details
Light Gauge Steel Frame Making Machine For Prefabricated House


Profile size 89*41mm: Material thickness 0.75-1.2mm(G300-G550 zinc plated, aluminum zinc plated)
Material width: 182-183mm
General speed: 300-700m/h
Max speed: 1500m/h
Main power: 7.5kw
Voltage:  380V 50Hz 3 phase (can be custumized)
Hydraulic power: 5.5kw
Cylinder volumn: 100L
Hydraulic cooler: Air cooling
Oil pressure adjustment Computer setting: Main unit remote control
Standard: Punching dies; Dimple hole, chamfer cut, web notch, lip cut, service hole,swage, shear, bolt hole
Product accuracy: +-0.5mm
Inkjet printer: EC-JET
Machine size: 4900*1000*1500mm
Machine weight: 5000kg
Machine color: FramMac standard
Decoiler Load: 2,000kg , auto decoiling
light steel frame machine
Device specification:

1) vertical single head automatic decoiler: 1 Units
A. manual expansion to tighten coil, inner diameter of coil 460mm- 520mm, outer diameter 1400mm, load 2000Kg;
B. frequency control automatic decoil.
C. power 2.2kw.

Steel Frame House Machine

2) Machine rack: Steel welded and with anneal treatment to insure the dimensional precision in production
3) Side wall: Main side wall is tank-type design and sub side wall is independent structure.
4) Forming die: Cr12mov with HRC60-62° heat treatment and CNC lathe finishing on roller surface.
Light Steel Frame House Machine
5) Principle AXIS: 40Cr tool steel quenched-tempered heat treatment and polish treatment
6) Drive: It uses servo motor and reducer linkage. Immersion oil between rollers can ensure no abrasion after long time using.
7) Hydraulic system
A. energy storage structure, energy saving and environmental protection.
B. hydraulic components: Germany BOSCH Rexroth products.
8) stamping die: S45C tool steel and cavities is D2 or SKD11 steel, supporting mould is Mitsubishi, JAPANESE

Prefabricated House C89 Light Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

Prefabricated house Machine

9) Electrical components
A. imported motion controller and PLC;
B. international first class brand low voltage component
Light Steel Frame Machine
10) NC inkjet printer
A. is equipped with industrial grade high quality solvent electronic ink jet printer. Its printing is clear and firm, and it is easy to assemble and install.
B. universal solvent type ink, convenient for purchase, economical in use.
C. automatically prints the tags and generated by the design software, without manual intervention;

D. can arbitrarily add other information, such as: company name, logo, web site and so on.

Light Steel Frame MachineLight Steel Frame Machine

A free consultation

Please send us roll forming profile with specifications, thickness and other processing requirements for our customized machine.If you need standard machine, please send us the model you want.

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    Please send us roll forming profile with specifications, thickness and other processing requirements for our customized machine.If you need standard machine, please send us the model you want.


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